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Secret 7 is for a Good Cause

I have been very blessed in life. I married my childhood sweetheart, and we have three pretty amazing children. I have a job that supports our family very comfortably. My wife chooses to spend her time volunteering since we don’t need an additional income. Recently, she found out about secret seven, and she was really excited to tell me about it. I had never heard of it before, but now that I have, I am just as excited about it as my wife. It is a company that allows artsy people to create sleeves for one of seven records.

These are not just any record, but best selling records that are just as relevant today as they were when they were released.

Where Are the Good, High Quality Galleries?

Is every tattoo art gallery you go into putting up the same horrible, generic designs? If this sounds even remotely familiar, don’t worry, because so many other folks are going through this same exact dilemma. Nobody in their right mind would want to sift through clusters of cookie cutter tattoos, but this is precisely what’s occurring. I know the quick solution to this, though, giving you a fast way to uncover one awesome tattoo art gallery after another.

When it comes to artwork, you need originality and quality in the designs. Without these two main things in your design, you might as well pick out the first generic piece you run across and go to your local parlor to get it tattooed on your skin. Heck, some people are even doing that, which is even more scary. All of this can be completely avoided, though, it you stop doing one little thing when searching for a high quality tattoo art gallery. You need to stop using search engines, because nothing worthwhile pops up in their search results any more.

In the past couple of years, they have been yanking up the same outdated list of generic laced sites. Every single tattoo art gallery that has a huge database of crisp, well drawn artwork is being left out. That’s the problem, but I also know the solution. The solution in this case will be your use of big forums. It might sound a little offbeat, but I know for a fact that it is the quickest and most painless option for locating so many of the awesome galleries around the world wide web.

Here’s what you do. You jump into the archive section of any big forum and use their handy little search tool. This will pull up all kinds of topics about tattoos. Hundreds of them should pop up. The rest is a piece of cake. You dive into some of these topics and glance around. Go through the posts, because you will get informed about other people’s findings of amazing galleries. So many hidden (and better) places are talked about and their names and links are shared. It’s your path to a tattoo art gallery that cares about the quality of the tattoos they put on their server. Nothing else is needed.

Pulling Up High Quality Galleries of Designs

I can’t remember the last time I ran into someone who easily found a fantastic tattoo art gallery. It’s so rare nowadays, because the way most people “look” for them is now obsolete, and it’s bringing them to awful, generic laced artwork sites. If you are sick and tired of seeing the same cookie cutter junk all day, here’s your fast fix for pulling up one amazing tattoo art gallery after another.

You can forget about all normal ways of looking for galleries, especially when it comes to search engines. In fact, that’s the only obstacle in your path, because 90% of you are most likely using one to find a tattoo art gallery. Now is the time to throw them away, because their lists are nowhere what they used to be. Nothing good comes up in their results any more. You just get the same scrambled up list of generic laced galleries nowadays. That’s no way to find artwork, unless you don’t mind picking through hoards of cookie cutter designs.

Enough about that, though. Let’s stick with the basics. The basics include on thing, which will be your total solution to finding the best, biggest and highest quality artwork sites. You will use the assistance of a big forum. Any of them will do, just make sure it’s fairly large and it’s a general type of forum. This is how you are going to find a tattoo art gallery that has original, well drawn designs and lots of them. It’s all about the hoards of info that is stuffed inside of their archive section.

If you click over to their archives, you can bring up huge amounts of topics about tattoos. Hundreds of them. This is the gateway to great galleries, because artwork lovers are in these topics sharing everything they know, including posts where they give names and links to the awesome places they’ve managed to find. The type of tattoo art gallery you find here is consistently better than the junk that search results throw your way. That’s why it’s well worth the trip to the closest large forum.

Find the Best Ones Today

If you’re getting bombarded by every generic laced tattoo art gallery on the planet, then listen up. There is no need to waste your day weeding through a never ending amount of cookie cutter artwork. You can take the short and sweet path directly to the artwork sites that have tons of fresh, high quality designs to choose from. It’s all about how you start looking for a tattoo art gallery.

The truth is that most of you look for them to wrong way, which is leading you to all of the awful galleries out there. The wrong way, which 85% of us do, would be to use search engines. Unless you prefer to click through a ton of generic junk, their results having nothing for you any more. Every tattoo art gallery that is included in their lists is filled with this cookie cutter stuff. All of the bigger and better places are left out.

It stinks, but you don’t have to settle for that. It’s time to completely forget about search engines and start concentrating on big forums. These monstrous sites are your golden ticket to a new world of artwork, where fresh, crisp, high quality designs are always available. To find this type of tattoo art gallery, you simply dive into the archive section of any bigger forum you happen to come across. From here, the rest is a piece of cake.

Using their convenient search tool, you will be able to yank up all kinds of topics about tattoos. The big general forums usually have well over a hundred of them. If you have a few spare minutes on your hands, all you do it sit back and begin leisurely scanning through a small fraction of the topics that you just pulled up. This is the best part. So many of the topics are filled with people giving names and links to every amazing tattoo art gallery they’ve managed to find throughout the years. So many hidden (and much better) galleries can finally be found by you.

Tattoo Art Gallery

There’s a good chance that you’ve witnessed every generic laced tattoo art gallery out there. It can make people so angry, because there are so many galleries that just stuff their servers with every cookie cutter designs they can grab. If you really want to see crisp, original, high quality artwork, here are the painfully simple steps you need to follow in order to find one fantastic tattoo art gallery after another.

Too many people are settling on generic artwork simply because they couldn’t find anything better and didn’t feel like looking any more. It’s sad to see, because these people later regret putting such a cookie cutter design on their skin. There isn’t much they can do about it, though. Let me explain why so many people end up at a tattoo art gallery that has nothing but this generic junk. It all deals with search engines, which way too many people rely on when hunting for tattoos on the net.

It’s the worst possible option for finding galleries that have fresh, high quality art. None of them show up in their search results any longer. Zero. It’s just a bunch of generic laced sites stuffed in their lists. Something needs to be done about this, so you have to take things into your own hands. The best part about it is that it’s really easy to do. It boils down to this: If you want the inside scoop about the big, high quality artwork galleries, you need to dive into a large forum. Every amazing tattoo art gallery you can handle can be uncovered through a big forum.

The way it works is really simple. You need to jump into the archive section, which is where tons of topics about tattoos can be pulled right up. You just locate a few of the larger topics and scan through them. Dong this will lead you right to very valuable info, such as the names and links of the superb galleries that other people have run across over the years. One hidden tattoo art gallery after another can be found this way. If you compare the artwork you find this way to the stuff you were finding through search engines, you’ll have a nice laugh.

Tattoo Art Gallery

An extraordinary amount of people ask this exact question when searching for a tattoo art gallery. It’s almost impossible to find the answer, though, because everybody else is diving into the same galleries that have blurry, generic artwork. Well, I’m not going to let you down, because I actually know how to quickly find one high quality tattoo art gallery after another.

It’s a whole lot simpler than you might think, too. It doesn’t have to be some long, drawn out struggle. Most people end up feeling like bashing their head in, though, because they keep on seeing all of this cookie cutter artwork at every site they jump into. It all start to blur together and look the same. Why does this happen, you ask? It’s fairly simple actually. It all comes down to the fact that way too many of us are hooked on search engines and use them every time we feel an itch to look for tattoos on the net. The truth of the matter is that it’s an exceedingly awful way to look for a tattoo art gallery.

Don’t get me wrong, though. Search engines will do you a huge favor of pulling up long lists of galleries. It’s the “type” of tattoo art gallery they pull up that is the problem. The very rarely include the high quality artwork sites in their lists. For some reason or another, they are totally left out, and you wind up wasting your whole day staring at pages filled with generic junk. Well, it’s time to put a complete stop to this. Here’s how it works: The absolute only tool you need in order to find amazing galleries that have fresh, original, well drawn artwork is a big forum. That’s it.

I’ve received a whole lot of weird looks when I tell people this, but don’t worry, because it’s a whole lot easier than you think. You only need to dive into one specific part of any big forum you go into. This would be the archive section. From here, you have unlimited access to all kinds of topics strictly about tattoos. 50 to 100 of them are in most bigger types of forums. You just need to select two or three of the larger topics and breeze through them. You will find names and links to every tattoo art gallery you need to know about, because people are always sharing this info. The topics are laced with this helpful knowledge and it’s all yours for the taking.

Pin Pointing the Great Galleries of Tattoos

Finding a quality tattoo art gallery has become more difficult than soaking up a pool with toilet paper. Why has it gotten so hard to locate even “one” websites that takes pride in having fresh artwork? I will tell you exactly why it’s this way and I will also tell you how to easily take care of it. You can find any good tattoo art gallery you want, but you’ll need a few simple tips.

If this isn’t making a whole lot of sense, don’t worry, because it will be crystal clear in a matter of moments. There is a growing problem with people not being bale to find any sort of quality artwork. Why is this happening for the most part? It’s happening because 18 out of 20 people continue to use only search engines to try to find galleries of tattoos. It seems like the obvious choice to find what you want, but all you get is one generic tattoo art gallery after another.

Instead of getting a nice, long list of places that actually have new, fresh artwork, you get this terrible list of useless galleries. They all seem to have the same cookie cutter tattoos as the next website. This happens because there is a whole lot more generic artwork on the web than there is quality artwork. Search engines are just pulling up what is out there. To find a good tattoo art gallery, you would have to go through thousands of search results, which isn’t too fun.

So, what can you do about this problem of not finding a quality tattoo art gallery? Well, you can either continue spending all of your time trying to sift through those 1000’s of search results, or you can use something better. The better way to find a good tattoo art gallery would be to start using forums. They are twenty times easier than using Google, because you can actually find out where other people are locating great tattoos. The big forums are going to work more in your favor, because they are generally loaded with topics about tattoos and related subjects.

This is where people share their knowledge and findings over the years. Link after link to some of the most amazing galleries are being posted and you can simply scoop them up. It’s as simple as that. It can mean the difference between looking through the same generic tattoo art gallery over and over again and working your way right to the fresh, quality artwork out there.

Finding a Good Gallery of Tattoos

It is probably time to stop looking for a decent gallery of tattoos and take a quick look at how you are going about it. I say this because an overwhelming percentage of the public will not locate even “one” site that has crisp, quality drawn tattoo art. It’s a maddening fact that seems to be growing. It doesn’t have to keep going this way, though, because there is a much easier way to find one great gallery of tattoos after another.

It basically comes down to one thing. You are probably going to need to change the ways you are hunting for tattoo galleries. It’s nothing more than that. Nine out of ten guys and gals just aren’t doing it the right way. It might “seem” like you are, but you’re really not. You may have guessed it already, but I am talking about the people who are reliant on search engines when looking for tattoo art. It’s just not a very good way to find a great gallery of tattoos.

As a matter of fact, it’s probably the worst way to go about it. Sure, there was a time, not long ago, when you could type in a few tattoo related keywords and get a nice, complete list of amazing galleries. Boy, have times changed, though. All you wind up with now is a horrid list of these stagnant sites that could care less about the quality of artwork they feature. It’s one gallery of tattoos after another that cares more about quantity, no matter how cookie cutter their designs are.

It’s a shame that this is all most people ever get to see. Like I said before, though, it doesn’t have to be like this all the time. There is an easy way to get past that generic junk, while finding a gallery of tattoos that puts a lot of effort into having the best available tattoo art. Your life saver is going to be none other than forums. That’s right. You probably want to rely on the bigger forums you come across, because they will have tons of past topics on tattoo related subjects to sift through.

The reason you want to scan through some of those Hopis is because many of them contain valuable info, such as the sites that other people have uncovered amazing artwork. You can find a great gallery of tattoos in no time, just by reading what others are talking about. Tattoo enthusiasts love to share their findings of quality artwork and this is where you find that info.

You have the choice of spending your free time looking through some generic gallery of tattoos, or taking a minute to find the ones with real, quality artwork.

Finding Sites With Tons of Original Artwork

You’ve probably been inside every generic laced tattoo art gallery on the planet by now. There are so many of these newer, flashier galleries popping up and they all have the same cookie cutter stuff as the next place. Well, it’s time for you to quickly bypass those useless websites, because all it takes are two simple tips to bring you to every tattoo art gallery that has real, high quality artwork.

What you need to do is totally switch how you normally begin looking for galleries. Normal ways just aren’t working any more, as you may already know. If you’ve been seeing nothing but generic junk at the galleries you jump into, there’s a good chance you found those places by using search engines. This is how just about everyone first begins looking for a tattoo art gallery, but it needs to change. You have a better chance of finding crisp, high quality artwork by drawing it yourself, rather than going through those search results.

I don’t know the precise moment when search engines started leaving out the truly great artwork galleries, but they are, and it’s just getting worse now. This is not to say that the great places are disappearing, because they aren’t. They’re still out there. You just need a new and improved way to find them. The silver lining is that I know how to find that kind of tattoo art gallery and it’s a whole lot simpler than you think. All it takes is a couple minutes of your time, because everything you need to find the amazing galleries out there can be found inside of big forums. The larger, the better.

The bigger types of forums are very well established. Because of this, they have huge archives, where all of their past topics can be picked through. This is good news, because those archives will surely be packed with various topics about tattoos. That’s what you need. Just select some of the larger topics and jump into them, scanning the posts that are in there. You will run into names and links to every tattoo art gallery that other people have found sensational artwork at. People are always helping each other out like this, providing info about the wonderful artwork sites they’ve run into lately.

That’s all it takes to bypass every generic tattoo art gallery, while having fun sifting through real, high quality artwork.

How To Purchase Art

You love art and want art – but don’t know where to start! As a first time collector, you want to make the right decision. When first starting a collection, it can be pretty intimidating to go into a gallery or speak to a dealer when you don’t know what kind of art you like. With the proliferation of the use of the Internet, it’s easier and easier to purchase art online. Traditionally, gallery dealers and art agents would have control over the art world making art a very inaccessible to the masses. That has all changed with the Internet and some amazing online sites to purchase art. One of my favourite sites to research and buy art online is Artsy when you don’t have a gallery, art dealer or art agent or consultant to help you.

Artsy is a highly reputable site to find amazing artwork. It has over 300,000 artworks, architecture and design by close to 40,000 artists. Artsy has a wide range of artworks such as contemporary artwork all the way to the old masters. Artists include Damien Hirst, Gary Taxali, Jean-Michel Basquiat, Mark Rothko, Cindy Sherman, Andy Warhol, Damian Ortega, Anish Kapoor and many others, The artwork is from leading galleries, museums and private collections. In fact, Artsty’s own mission is “to make all the world’s art accessible to anyone with an Internet connection. We are a resource for art collecting and education.” Artsy claims to be the largest online database of contemporary art. Further, Artsy has an “Artsy specialist” that can help you when deciding what to collect.

When you first sign up for Artsy as a collector, they will ask you a series of questions to personalize your profile so that they can recommend artists to you. First, you will be asked the price range of artworks you are interested in: under $500, $2500, $5,000, $10,000, $25,000, $50,000, $100,00 and $100,00+.

Second, you are then asked what category of artwork you are interested in: Contemporary Art, Photography, Old Masters, Graffiti/Street Art, Post-War American Art, Contemporary African Art, Latin American art, Contemporary Asian Art, Emerging Art, Design, Modern/Impressionist Art, Ancient Art and Artifacts. You can follow any of these categories to help Artsy help with recommendations.

Artsy then suggests a few artists and artwork you like where you can mark your favourites. Based on your selections, the Artsy software then makes recommendations of artists you may enjoy following.

For instance, since I said that I like graffiti/street art, Artsy recommended that I follow Blek Le Rat, Shepard Fairey, Ravi Zupa, Finok and Keith Haring – all artists which I love! Artsy all has great art news stories and features artists which also helps make it easier to decide on an artwork to safely purchase online.

I highly recommend starting with Artsy to help you with your collection. Once you feel confident enough and learned about other artists, you can then venture out and go to galleries, art fairs and artists studios directly.