Find the Sites With Lots of Of Fully Original Artwork

The last thing you should waste time with is a tattoo art gallery filled with generic junk. I bet that this is exactly what you’re doing, though, even if you’re no doing it on purpose. This happens because of how cluttered the web is with fly-by-night galleries that stuff their severs with any cookie cutter artwork they can grab, but one simple switch in how you “look” for a tattoo art gallery will open up the door to amazing galleries.

Let me tell you something pretty shocking: A whole lot of people out there are putting generic tats on their body, just because they gave up on trying to find better and more original artwork. Even worse, 99.9% of them will fully regret putting that cookie cutter design on themselves sooner or later. This is why my first tip is very important. If you want to avoid that kind of tattoo art gallery, you need to avoid one very specific tool. Avoid search engines. They are not even close to being good ways for finding high quality artwork any more.

The great galleries never come up in their lists, but I also know the quickest solution, which would be large forums. They are absolutely perfect for this job, because the biggest forums are jam packed with topics about tattoos. All of those topics can be found right in their archive section, too. Just slide into some of them and scan a few of the posts, because you will be able to grab one link after another to amazing galleries. People are sharing names and links to every awesome tattoo art gallery they’ve found on their journey through the web. It give you the surest shot at crisp, fresh, perfectly drawn designs.