Locating Galleries Full of Crisp, Original Artwork

What’s the point of spending an hour in a tattoo art gallery if all they have is bunches of generic designs? There is no point, yet many of you have no choice, because this is the only type of galleries you find and it stinks to no end. That’s exactly why I want to supply you with a new and improved way of looking for a tattoo gallery, because it’ll help you instantly find the ones that are stuffed with original, high quality art.

Once you see what “real” artwork looks like, you will laugh at how generic that junk was that you were seeing before. Many people never figure out how to find the better galleries, though, and they end up spending all of their time surfing through cookie cutter designs. Next, they end up giving in and settling on one of those generic designs and run to get it inked. Those people always, always regret putting such a cookie cutter tat on themselves, though. It’s on their body now, though, so they are pretty much stuck with it. If you want to totally skip past that type of tattoo art gallery, you only have to do one thing.

Stay away from search engines at all costs. They are the number one reason why people continually get dragged to such low end galleries. That’s all they show to you. Their lists are brutal right now, because absolutely none of the better artwork sites pop up in their lists. It’s nothing but a long line of generic laced galleries. That brings me to tip number two, which is the last and most important one: Use the assistance of big forums to find one amazing tattoo art gallery after another. It may sound a bit weird, but it’s so darn easy and they work like a charm.

Pick any decent sized forum and head over to their handy archive section. Once you are in there, 100’s of various topics about tattoos can be yanked up by using the topic search tool that all forums have. Selecting two or three of the larger topics is all you need, because those are the topics that are filled to the brim with names, links and real information about the top quality galleries that others have found. You will finally be able to dive head first into a tattoo art gallery that takes tons of pride in having fully original and high quality artwork. It’s such a drastic change from the generic junk out there.