Secret 7 is for a Good Cause

I have been very blessed in life. I married my childhood sweetheart, and we have three pretty amazing children. I have a job that supports our family very comfortably. My wife chooses to spend her time volunteering since we don’t need an additional income. Recently, she found out about secret seven, and she was really excited to tell me about it. I had never heard of it before, but now that I have, I am just as excited about it as my wife. It is a company that allows artsy people to create sleeves for one of seven records.

These are not just any record, but best selling records that are just as relevant today as they were when they were released. The really nice thing about this is that some of the proceeds go to a charity that is on the hearts of the owners. My wife has been volunteering some of her time with a mental health clinic, and that is how she discovered Secret 7. Their cause this year is a charity called Mind, and it helps to advocate the need for mental health awareness. They choose a different charity every year, and I liked the ones that they have supported in the past as well.

In 2012, they supported a charity that is helps teenagers with cancer. In 2013, their charity of choice was Art Against Knives. War Child was the charity they supported in 2014, and Nordoff Robbins was the recipient of their aid in 2015. Amnesty International UK was the choice for 2016, so all the charities they chose are very good ones that we also support. I knew then that I was going to purchased one of the artsy sleeves, and I had a feeling that a lot of our friends were going to buy one as well after my wife told them about it. We are blessed, and we like to bless others too!